About STAR Football  Academy

Established in 2008, Star Football Academy has grown to become one of the most trusted private football academies in the UAE for children aged 18 months to 16 years old. Sessions are conducted on weekdays after school hours and on the weekend in a safe, fun environment across three locations in Dubai and Sharjah. Star Football Academy prides itself on the quality instruction and UEFA qualified and certified coaches who help children develop their skills and maximize their personal, social, technical and tactical development.
Star Football Academy is proud of its philosophy and style of possession game, which our coaches and players live and breathe during our football sessions or friendly games. Our belief is that all players can succeed in football and we have a program that differentiates the children according to their age and level. Still not convinced? Here are the eight reasons why we believe the Star Football Academy is the best football academy in Dubai and Sharjah.

About star football Academy

1. E-learning system

Star Football Academy is the first online academy in the UAE with E-Learning facilities, which means your child will be able to see the lessons before training with our video library, communicate with the coach after training and get a performance report every 3 months about the progress of your child.
We have an amazing database system to register the player’s information, communicate with the parents as well as coaches and management. All our players receive a username and password for access to our portal. Our easy to use system makes registration easy with the click of a button.

2. Strong relationships

Star Football Academy has an international community with many players from various nationalities and backgrounds. The academy celebrates that football can bring the whole world together regardless of differences as the love of football promotes each other’s similarities. We have strong values of fair play, showing respect for everyone as well as treating everybody as equals. Open communication between players, coaches and parents is very important and is on a regular basis.

3. Philosophy of star football academy

Star Football Academy is proud of its philosophy and style of possession games, which our coaches and players live and breathe during our football sessions or friendly games. Wherever your child’s training session is in Star Football Academy Al Barsha or Star Football Academy Mirdif, our coaches will deliver the same message. Our belief is that all players can succeed in football when we differentiate the children according to their age and level. Star Football Academy is well known in social media for encouraging a healthy lifestyle with various blogs and articles written to give players the best opportunities to be fit and healthy. We have a strong following on all social media platforms where families can see their children succeed in sessions, games, tournaments and leagues.

4. Highly qualified coaches at Star football Academy

Our Coaches are qualified from the U.K Football association and have international experience from around the world including the UAE. Our coaches apply the lesson plans that Head Coach Anees Makrous assign to them and every week Coach Anees observes their training and game performance of the player during the training games, league games and tournaments .the following week our training program will be based on improving the weakness that appear during the week with focus always about possession game style of play.

5. Games for everyone

All players are also accepted and encouraged to play in regular friendly games, leagues and tournaments as we focus on the performance of skills learned rather than the results. We are focused on giving all players the experience of playing games which helps in motivating players to set goals and achieve their full potential.

6. Star Football Academy fee structure

We have the best rates in the UAE and our fee Structure is from one to four session times per week. We have multiple flexible packages of payment every 4, 12 or 16 weeks. Our Football Academy has the option to freeze the account when traveling which makes us stand out from all the other football academies in Dubai and Sharjah. The Star Football Academy has a loyalty program as every Dirham gives members 2 points and every 1000 points can be redeemed when renewing or paying for friendly games and football tournaments.

7. Amazing locations in Dubai and Sharjah

Star Football Academy offer football classes for 12 months of the year at venues in Sharjah, Mirdif, Al Barsha in Dubai with an indoor venue in Al Mizhar area. These are the times and the days for Star Football Academy Sharjah, Star Football Academy Mirdif and Star Football Academy Al Barsha.

8. Star Football Academy training program

We offer engaging sessions for kids from 18 months to 16 years with world-class coaching accompanied with video recording of all the training sessions for the benefit of the players and the coaches. Visual learning is big a part of the Star Football Academy training program as we want the players to spend less time understanding the drills and concentrate on learning and applying the skill that we need to learn during the training football sessions.