6 Tips for Happy Kids & Happy family

six tip for parentsParents always want the best for their children and to have their child be happy, healthy and successful.  Sport plays a big a part of the lives of the children that we regularly forget that sport alone will not be engough .  It is a reward to see children develop, build confidence and gain friendships that shape the players. The old proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” means every experience whether immediate family, relatives, friends, school or sports give children building blocks to developing their social values, lifestyle choices, and to grow into healthy and happy adults. In our ever-evolving technological age and increasing busy schedules it can sometimes be frustrating in trying to keep a balance in these areas. Here are some factors to consider to in guiding your child on the right path to healthy adulthood.


Research has shown strong evidence that not getting enough sleep can affect the cognitive development of children as they develop and grow. Children before reaching their teenage years need at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep per night. Bedtime can be difficult however regular routines mentioned below can help such as preparing for bed (bath, pajamas brush teeth etc.), lowering the light, reading a bedtime story, having your children speak about their day helps children relax.  Avoiding technology such as ipads, video games and alike is important for at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. A study showed the effect on the brain of using technology at night increases problems of sleeping and can caused the brain to not reach a deep restful sleep. For further information please view  https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/children-and-sleep/page/0/3. At Star Football Academy part of our kid’s football training includes us speaking about the importance of sleeping and how it will affect the performance of the players.



Consistency is the key to developing independence and organization. A simple routine such as a child packing and unpacking their own school bags at the beginning and end of the day builds responsibility. A schedule on the wall or fridge can help your child prepare for the day ahead especially any events they may be looking forward to such as a friendly game. Have similar times for waking up, going to bed, having dinner etc. As difficult as it sounds it makes your child aware of what is happening and siblings can help each other in the process also. Please view https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nan3IzoX-T4 for ideas. Routine in kids football training during the weekly training session and games will help our players to know the training routine and we teach them to be more responsible for signing up for the academy sessions and friendly games etc.


Healthy Eating 

Food is a major factor in the health of children as it gives your child the need to sustain healthy energy levels throughout the learning day and during sports training and events. Proteins, carbohydrates a well as vitamins and minerals are very important in a well-balanced diet. Treats and snacks can be a part of a regular day however if well planned these can also serve a sweet tooth and remain equally healthy. Please refer to the blog ‘Snacks to help your child be active throughout the day’ for more ideas. Friendly games are a major part of the kids training program that our players really look forward to it. we use these sessions to outline the importance of eating healthy food to have a healthy lifestyle and get the best performance during the games


Physical Activity 

Joining a team sport such as Star football academy or swimming school can benefit the fitness of the child as well as making friends, building self-confidence and gaining leadership skills. Being active can also mean riding a bike, walking to the park, using the stairs instead of the elevator or going to the beach for a run or swim. Being active at a young age improves your child’s fitness, wellbeing and leads them to a healthier future. For further information go to http://kidshealth.org/en/parents/exercise.html . At Star Football, we have the most flexible kids football training program we have football training in Sharjah for 6 days a week except Wednesday as well as transport option available on the weekend for busy families. We have the best youth football academy in Sharjah for players that are 3-16years old.



 In today’s society being part of the technological age have many benefits, on the other hand technology can also consume many hours of your child’s time. It is important to set time aside in the day for technological use for fun or schoolwork, however when that time is over it is important to have time engaging in other activities like kid’s football training. Studies have shown that overuse of ipads and video games can impact the development of a child, it can prevent sleep, create social avoidance and cause a host of other issues. Technology is not inherently bad as it has many educational benefits and like most things in life should be used in moderation. Please see article on https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-power-prime/201212/how-technology-is-changing-the-way-children-think-and-focus for more information.


Consequences/Setting Boundaries

This can be a difficult subject as many parenting skills are different from one family to the next. Setting boundaries does not mean setting impossible rules and likewise consequences does not mean severe punishment. Setting boundaries means that open communication is used to set expectations or rules within the family and in different environments and following through if those rules are not used. At Star football academy, we base our kids football training program on consequences and boundaries during every training session, games and the way the kids deal with each other to help them take it to the real life. At home for example, you may expect your child to complete their homework at a certain time in the evening and one day they continue to play outside. A consequence may be having lost the privilege to play outside the following evening and to engage in something you have chosen. Following through with the consequence is vital as it reinforces that inappropriate behavior will not be rewarded. Equally good behavior should be rewarded with verbal praise or something to your discretion such as an outing to a favorite place. Look at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-maclaughlin-lsw/how-to-set-limits-for-kids_b_4610102.html for further information.

Conclusion Star Football Academy

Remember there is no exact recipe for parents to follow as each child is an individual who responds differently. When looking at kids football training the coaches have to be very flexible and understand that kids are different and their response to learning a new skill is different according to the days, times food a lot of other factors. The village that was raised earlier is also very important and can help parents such as teachers, sport coaches and relatives or friends that have had similar experiences. At Star Football Academy we value each player as an individual and recognize the special talents each child has. All children deserve the care and support of the people around them as they move forward in their own futures.