5 tips that make it easy to convince your child to join a sport team

5 tips that make it easy to convince your child to join a sport teamFor any parent, one of the most important things that you can do is give your child the gift of health. Healthy living means being physically active, and being physically active means being mentally aware. However, it’s essential that you help your child to do more than simply run around in circles and charge about aimlessly. Instead, you should be looking for easy ways to help make sure that your child has some fun when they go about their daily duties. However, that is easier said than done, right?

What about if you could get your child to join a sports team?

Sports teams are one of the best ways to help your child find a form of exercise that has a genuine purpose. Children aren’t likely to want to take part in activities that don’t have much of a purpose or a point. Likewise, they won’t want to do something that means they are doing things on their own. Children are social creatures normally, so helping them to open up and express those feelings with the world is a very important part of parenting.

However, as you likely know yourself, getting your child to join a sports team is tough work. Not sure where to start? Then here are some useful tips that you could put into place that, if you stick to them, should make sure that your child wants to keep on playing.

Find out what they like first and foremost

So, the first thing that you need to do is find out what kind of sports your child(ren) like. Most children in Dubai will have a love for football, as there are so many football classes and football coaching opportunities around. It’s the global game, too, so it’s easy for kids to find heroes that they can relate to and enjoy watching.

However, if your child is not interested in signing up even for the best football academy, find out what they do want to take part in. Every child is different, so let them express what they would like to do if they wish to keep fit. They might want a slower-paced game, or they might want something that is less physical. Whatever they are looking for, though, you should look to find out what it is, to begin with.

Don’t pressure your children

As naturally rebellious and inquisitive creatures, children are often not too happy with being forced to do something. Just because you want your child to play football, for example, does not mean that they should join football teams in the local area. What if they prefer basketball? Or have an interest in melee sports like boxing? You have to try and help them find their calling.

So, avoid pressuring your child to join a sports team. Once they show an interest in a sport, though, you should look to encourage them to take it up. Don’t try and make them play just because you want them to, though; it has to be something that they find fun and exciting.

Many kids give up on playing sports because they feel pressured and don’t enjoy the sport they are being made to play: consider their happiness first and foremost.

Avoid excessive play

One of the first things you should do is looking to find a sports club that allows your child to play when they are able. Many sports clubs try to ape the senior, professional attitude and want children training like professionals. We recommend that you avoid putting your child into such a club unless they are 100% certain this is what they wish to pursue.

Their young bodies need to be given a chance to rest, recover, and recuperate after they have been playing. That is why you need to help them take breaks from their sports gaming and make sure that they can give their muscles a rest. They are still developing, so putting them into a high-pressure sports club is likely to push them away from taking part. Especially if they feel like they need a rest, it’s essential that you listen to their needs.

Make sure they are playing for fun

One of the easiest ways to make sure your child can enjoy the art of being part of a sports team is to remove the competitiveness of the team. It’s a major mistake for a young team to be built on performance. Instead, it should be built on education, development, and progress. If your team has played well today but lost the match, it’s still a learning experience.

The pressure to win, win, and win can put a lot of children off going to a sports team. That is why we recommend that you look for a team that focuses on development, play, and enjoyment as much as anything else. The desire to win and the ability to win comes later in life; for now, you should be looking to make sure that your child can join sports that make them happy and free from pressure.

Talk to them about the sport

One of the best ways to forge an interest in a sport, and thus a desire to play the sport, is to talk to your children about it. Kids love validation and they love being able to pass on information about what they have found out from their coaches and teachers. Therefore, if you help them to talk about the sport with you then their natural enthusiasm for the game will grow.

That is why so many parents should look to interact with the sport that they are having their children play as much as they can. It will give you a chance to help them learn about it, and to show a genuine passion for the sport. If they know that you love the sport, too, they’ll be more inclined to play it as part of a team!

So, what will you do to help your children become more enthusiastic about joining a sports team?