10 healthy snacks for kids

kids healthy food As a parent, one of the most common challenges you’ll face is fuelling your children with the right food. Good quality food is often hard to find, especially when it comes to snacking. As part of our wider football academy, we take the eating habits and nutrition of our young athletes very seriously. Worried that your children are not getting enough quality food? Then here are some ideas.

Use these health snacks for kids, and you should soon find your children look much healthier. Not only that, but each snack will be essential for their coaching and their athletic development. What, then, should your kids be eating for snack time?

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Cereal bars

While you need to be ready to look around for those with low sugar contents, cereal bars make a good starting point for a lot of young athletes. We recommend that you look at cereals that are iron-fortified and come with less than 7g per serving of sugar. Also, try and get something a good bit of fiber in there – granola, for example, makes a fun, satisfying, and crunchy solution to enjoy in the morning.

Your kids will enjoy the crunch whilst getting plenty of natural goodness.


So long as you aren’t making popcorn loaded with salt, sugar, and the like, you can use popcorn as a fun, light, enjoyable snack for your kids. Healthier than many assume, popcorn is a powerfully nutritious form of whole grain.

Again, it’s all down to what you put on the popcorn. Some parmesan cheese with a tiny bit of butter makes a fine, tasty little treat that your children could eat away on without any real issue. Given the ability for popcorn to choke, though, ensure you only give it to children of the right age.

Cheese slices

A simple and easy enough food to offer your kids as a fun snack is some basic cheese slices. Loaded with protein and calcium, your child with find it easier to develop physically with a moderate intake of cheese. Try and look for full-fat cheese if you can, but make sure they eat this cheese prior to starting any kind of athletic activity. They can use the fat for energy, whilst burning it off and making the most of the protein and the calcium.

Turkey rolls

If you want to give your children a meat-based dish to enjoy, then some wholegrain wraps with turkey meat is a good plac to start. Turkey is rich in protein, making it a fine choice for those who wish to give their children an easy way to help their body build, recover, and grow post-workout.

Not only that, but you’ll find that the children will benefit from turkey rolls as they fill them up nice and easily. A good choice for a simple but nutritious snack pre-match, certainly.

Chia balls

If you get some chia seeds, you can roll them up into small balls of energy that can be chewed away on by your kids. They are great for making sure that our children can get an enjoyable, nutritious alternative to energy balls. It’s also going to be easy to make at home, so the taste is easily adjusted to fit in with the kind of taste that your child enjoys.

This is a fine post-match snack for any children who are playing sports, helping them to quickly and easily recover their energy.


While not every child will enjoy nuts as much as the next one, nuts make a fine starting point for various reasons. Fun and enjoyable to eat, nuts are a fine source of nutrition for various reasons and are also a good way for adding natural fiber as well as healthy fats into their diet. It’s a great solution for adding a bit of healthy dietary fat, which many children don’t get enough of.

So long as your child is good with chewing and isn’t allergic, nuts are a must-have healthy snack.

Fruit smoothies

Want to try and boost their fruit intake whilst giving them something high in protein and natural sugars? Then make up some fruit smoothies. Go for unsweetened milk that can add a nice creamy, milkshake-like approach to the smoothie without being fatty or sugary.

Try and add in some yogurt or kefir, too, as this will be a healthier choice of essential fats. Some whole grains like oats could be included, too, for a bit of extra punch.

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Of course, your children might prefer to eat their fruits whole and that is totally fine. Try and get them eating fruits you can slice up, such as watermelon, mango, pineapple, and/or cantaloupe. If you do this, you will be much more likely to get smaller pieces that your children can eat, giving them access to essential nutrients such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Your fruit intake should be both whole and in things like smoothies, so make sure your children get a happy mixture of everything bananas and pears to peaches, grapes, and berries.


We mentioned it above to go in the smoothies, but generally oatmeal is a fine healthy snack for children who are playing sports. It feels good to eat, it’s got a slow release of energy, and it is usually easy to mix together with all manner of different ingredients. It’s great for helping the digestive tract, too, making sure that all other food will go down a touch easier.

Avoid flavoured oatmeal and instead add in your own natural flavours and tastes for the best results.


While not everyone is a big fan of egg, if your children enjoy eggs then they make an excellent snack. They can be made in many ways, and eggs provide us with a rich source of choline. Choline is vital for brain development, so your kids should feel a bit sharper mentally if they have some of this.

We recommend that you give it a go, as your children will enjoy a nice boost in selenium and vitamin B12: essential life ingredients.

Parents always want the best for their children and to have their child be happy, healthy and successful. Read more about happy kids happy family